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2014 Health Law Seminar - Keynote Speaker: "Above + Beyond Cancer" - December 16, 2014

Life transformation occurs when people are willing to reach above and beyond their normal limits to reach for extraordinary goals. Dr. Richard Deming, founder of Above + Beyond Cancer, shares his experiences with cancer survivors - the courage and confidence they acquire during their cancer journey and the philosophical transformation that can occur as a result of facing a cancer diagnosis. Read More »


2014 Health Law Seminar - "Sexuality in Long-Term Care: Abuse Implications and Sex Offender Issues" - December 16, 2014

Recent survey results, court cases and licensure investigations reveal the importance of addressing sexuality involving long-term care residents, particularly those with cognitive limitations. This presentation addresses screening, assessments and provider obligations in monitoring sexuality issues among long-term care residents. Read More »


2014 Health Law Seminar - "Beware of Those Bearing Gifts" - December 16, 2014

In healthcare, sometimes it is better not to give, or receive, as well-intentioned gifts may have unintended consequences. This webinar addresses the legal issues around giving and receiving gifts and discounts among hospitals, nursing homes, physicians, referral sources, vendors, employees and patients. Read More »


2014 Health Law Seminar - "Affordable Care Act: 10 Things to Watch in 2015" - December 16, 2014

The presenters touch on a variety of issues raised by the ACA that will present challenges and opportunities for health care providers in 2015. Read More »


2014 Health Law Seminar - "Collection Issues and Summary of the New POA Law" - December 16, 2014

This presentation addresses long-term care collection strategies including collection litigation, financial exploitation abuse reporting, involuntary discharge and implementation to changes to Iowa's power of attorney law, which now allows providers to initiate legal action against a financial agent for breach of fiduciary duty. Read More »


2014 Health Law Seminar - "DHS Reimbursement Issues: Nurse License Lapse, Discipline and Excluded Provider Scenarios" - December 16, 2014

This session addresses issues of repayment to DHS for nurse license lapse, or loss of license and excluded provider issues. It covers some methods to limit exposure for such issues and provide examples. Read More »


2014 Health Law Seminar - "Just Get Off Your Phone! Issues with Social Media in a Healthcare Setting" - December 16, 2014

This webinar reviews the challenges of social media use from a treatment, educational and employment perspective. Consistently changing rules from the National Relations Labor Act on employer limitations as well as changes in the ethical rules for providers are addressed. Read More »


2014 Health Law Seminar - "Best Practices in Physician and Mid-Level Employment Agreements" - December 16, 2014

This session explores frequent issues that arise in physician and mid-level employment arrangements and how to address these in employment agreements. Read More »


2014 Health Law Seminar - "Fraud and Abuse - Year in Review" - December 16, 2014

This webinar covers recent developments from another standout year in fraud and abuse enforcement, including new theories of enforcement and settlements of Stark, AKS, and False Claims Act claims in the health care industry. Read More »


2014 Health Law Seminar - "OCR, ONC, AG, EMR.What Does It Mean Now?" - December 16, 2014

The Office of Civil Rights (OCR) is gearing up for round two of compliance audits, business associates are fumbling and attorneys general are bringing in more criminal cases nationally. This webinar addresses audit and compliance functions as well as anticipated areas for focus as the OCR moves forward under a new director and goals. Read More »


Showing 1 - 10 of 83