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2014 Employment Law Seminar - "Complying with the Americans with Disabilities Act" - April 30, 2014

Amendments to the ADA have expanded the law's coverage and the employers' responsibilities. This webinar will help ensure that you understand your responsibilities using real world case studies and scenarios. Read More »


2014 Employment Law Seminar - "It's All Fun and Games Until Someone Files a Work Comp Claim: Increasing Morale and Exposure in the Workplace" - April 30, 2014

Employers benevolently strive to increase company morale by organizing team-building events, such as volunteering, blood drives, social events, company sports teams, and allowing seemingly harmless horseplay. During this webinar, the presenters discuss how these "extras" impact workers' comp exposure, including a discussion of the general legal standard, the spectrum of where liability can fall, and interesting case law examples. Read More »


2014 Employment Law Seminar - "Heath Care Reform Update - What's in Store for 2014 and Beyond" - April 30, 2014

This webinar provides participants with the latest details on the Affordable Care Act and its impact on employers including compliance strategies for both large and small employers. Read More »


2014 Employment Law Seminar - "Independent Contactors and Temporary Workers in Today's Employment Environment" - April 29, 2014

In today's regulatory environment, temporary isn't always temporary. With regulations focused on creating employee and co-employee relationships, this webinar addresses the legal parameters and best practices for employees. Read More »


2014 Employment Law Seminar - "When Things Go Wrong: I-9s, Wage Hour and Workers' Comp - Anticipating and Responding to Employee Identity Issues" - April 29, 2014

In this webinar the presenters discuss issues relating to audits, I-9s, licensure and federal oversight. Read More »


2014 Employment Law Seminar - "What Crawled Out From Under the Rock? Background Checks and Due Diligence" - April 29, 2014

This webinar addresses state and federal rules such as the EEOC guidance on criminal convictions and the Fair Credit Reporting Act as they relate to background checks, as well as the deluge of information available on social media. Read More »


2014 Employment Law Seminar - "No Good Deed Goes Unpunished - Tax Issues Relating to PTO Buy-Back, Donation and Other Employee Gifts" - April 29, 2014

This webinar address the tax concerns and policy ramifications relating to PTO buy-back and donation programs, as well as the traditional holiday gifts and bonuses. It will identify primary issues and potential solutions. Please Note: There is a short interruption in sound during this webinar.** Read More »


2014 Employment Law Seminar - Keynote - "Keep Moving Forward & Other Lessons from an Ultra Marathoner" - April 28, 2014

Keynote Speaker: Gordon Kratz Read More »


2014 Employment Law Seminar - "I Was Sleeping on the Job and Still Received Unemployment Benefits" - April 28, 2014

In this webinar, attorney Tara Z. Hall discusses best practices for defending against unemployment claims and how to make the rules work for employers. Read More »


2014 Employment Law Seminar - "Sometimes We Get Along and Sometimes We Don't - Relationship Issues for Employers" - April 28, 2014

In this webinar, Becky S. Knutson and William P. Kelly examine the practical problems and potential liability associated with relationships in the workplace, including employee conflict, sexual harassment, violence, favoritism, family and divorce issues. The presenters also offer tips for dealing with the court orders that accompany employee issues. Read More »


Showing 1 - 10 of 73