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As the telecommunications industry continues to evolve, continuous success will require greater strategic focus and a higher degree of special expertise. The changing communications needs of consumers and businesses are driving rapid shifts to business strategies and regulatory policies, creating new risks and new opportunities in the telecommunications marketplace. Our Telecommunications Resource Page is intended to assist clients who wish to develop or enhance their own legal and regulatory intelligence in support of their compliance strategies.


Telecommunications Practice Area

Important: These resource materials are intended to provide general information about significant legal and regulatory issues and should not be construed as legal advice regarding any specific facts or circumstances. You are encouraged to consult with appropriate legal counsel to address specific legal questions.

Open Internet - Net Neutrality Rules

On February 26, 2015, the FCC reclassified broadband as a telecommunications service under Title II of the Telecommunications Act of 1996. This reclassification expands the FCC's ability to regulate broadband service and broadband service providers. In turn, the FCC adopted so called "Open Internet" or "Net Neutrality" rules. These Net Neutrality rules require Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to disclose certain information to consumers and prohibit blocking, throttling, or prioritizing broadband traffic in exchange for compensation.

Davis Brown is pleased to offer client updates and other materials that may help you understand the new rules and provide helpful or essential background as you design, establish and implement strategies for compliance:

Client Updates

Client Update March 2, 2015

FCC Orders and Releases

FCC Open Internet Order - March 12, 2015

FCC News Release: FCC Adopts Strong, Sustainable Rules to Protect the Open Internet - February 26, 2015

FCC Fact Sheet:  Chairman Wheeler Proposes New Rules for Protecting the Open Internet - February 4, 2015

FCC Enforcement Advisory:  Broadband Providers Must Disclose Accurate Information to Protect Consumers - July 23, 2014

FCC Open Internet Notice of Proposed Rule Making  - May 15, 2014

FCC Fact Sheet: Promoting and Protecting the Open Internet - May 15, 2014

FCC Open Internet Report and Order - December 23, 2010

Court of Appeals Decisions

D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals - Verizon Open Internet Decision - January 14, 2014

D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals - Comcast Open Internet Decision - April 6, 2010


The attorneys practicing in Telecommunications frequently present on changes in the legal environment to clients and organizations alike. You can find example presentations below.