Appellate Law

Most cases that go to trial result in at least one disappointed party.  Davis Brown’s Appellate Department regularly helps clients evaluate how to respond to a lower court ruling.  In some instances, the client may need to evaluate whether an appeal is the next right step.  In others, the client may need to prepare for an expected appeal by the opposing party in order to preserve a favorable ruling.


Davis Brown attorneys are experienced in the appellate practice and can help you decide whether to appeal and, if so, your next steps. We have a full research team available to explore the history of your case, review the legal issues at play, and analyze how an appellate court could view the case differently than the trial court. This allows us to quickly evaluate your situation and develop a strategy to argue your appeal.


Many clients rely on our team for appellate representation, even in situations where we did not represent the client at trial. We collaborate with the trial attorneys to gather their trial materials and their assessment of the matter. This collaboration allows us to facilitate a well-prepared and cost-effective appeal.


Davis Brown attorneys have experience in civil, criminal, and administrative appeals, in both State and Federal Court. Davis Brown practices before the United States Supreme Court, United States Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit, Iowa Supreme Court, and the Iowa Court of Appeals.


Agency Appeals

In addition to trials and amicus briefs, Davis Brown can also assist employers with petitions for judicial review to challenge decisions made by an Iowa agency, whether in a contested case proceeding or in rule-making. This includes the Department of Health Services (DHS), the Iowa Utilities Board (IUB), the Iowa Board of Medicine (IBM), and others.  

When to Seek Legal Counsel for an Appeal

You should look for appellate counsel immediately upon receiving a ruling that you may want to appeal.  Different matters have different deadlines and it may be necessary to file post-trial motions in order to preserve legal issues for appeal.

Davis Brown offers a free, confidential one-hour consultation to discuss your case, the issues involved, and help you decide if an appeal might be beneficial. All consultations are confidential.


Collaboration with Current Counsel

Davis Brown attorneys are available to assist existing trial counsel to provide an appellate perspective at the trial level or during the course of an appeal. We often collaborate with trial counsel on dispositive motions, major evidentiary issues, post-judgment motions, and preservation of issues for appellate review.  Davis Brown attorneys also have experience associating with trial counsel to pursue an appeal collaboratively.  Although we are a general practice firm, we respect the client relationship and are willing to limit our representation to a client’s appeal and refrain from soliciting other legal representation.