Breanna L. Young

Individuals, families, farmers, and small businesses rely on Breanna’s guidance to develop complex estate plans including care plans for family members with disabilities, create succession plans, establish businesses, and optimize their estate planning. Practicing for almost 15 years, she is a sought-after speaker for CPAs, financial planners and advisors, small businesses, and attorneys on estate-planning issues.

Estate Planning

Individuals with modest to vast estates, including large family farms, rely on Breanna’s guidance as they develop succession plans, including complex estate planning documents, sell assets to trusts, establish businesses (entity formations and buy-sell agreements), and otherwise optimize their estate planning.

Breanna regularly assists clients with premarital agreements, charitable giving planning, grantor trusts, GRATs, charitable trusts, QTIP trusts, and limited liability companies, among other vehicles.

Conservatorships and Guardianships

Families with individuals with disabilities rely on Breanna’s compassionate, holistic approach to long-term planning. She listens closely to what the individual needs and how the family hopes to care for their loved one, and crafts the strategy and legal documents to achieve those goals. Her intimate knowledge of Iowa’s guardianship and conservatorship laws (she served on the Task Force drafting the laws) allows her to quickly identify and execute the best strategy that will provide the needed protection while helping preserve the individual’s autonomy to the fullest extent possible. Breanna’s experience includes setting up guardianships and conservatorships, Medicaid, and advising on documentation and reporting requirements, among others.

She also represents fiduciaries in administering estates, trusts, guardianships, and conservatorships.

Legal Issues Affecting LGBTQ+ Iowans

Breanna is a compassionate and understanding advocate, advising same-sex couples and nonbinary individuals in their estate planning, organizing and planning for the succession of businesses, and tax planning. She guides transgender clients through legal name and gender-marker changes, and the resulting changes needed on governmental documents, including birth certificates and Social Security cards.

She works with healthcare entities, including hospitals and long-term care facilities, as they draft inclusive policies and plans to provide a welcoming environment for all patients.


Breanna helps her individual and business clients understand the tax implications of potential business strategies, contracts, and entity choice. Breanna frequently collaborates with clients’ CPAs and financial advisors to formulate and implement tax planning strategies.

Representative Experience

  • Helped numerous families with century farms valued $10-$20 million structure their estates for their children to equally benefit from their assets but keep the farm intact.
  • Negotiated and drafted a family-settlement agreement in a $7 million estate, avoiding what was sure to be costly litigation.
  • Assisted multiple families with children with disabilities structuring their estate so all children are treated fairly in the inheritance, while also providing long-term stability for the disabled child.
  • Provided legal counsel to an executor and his siblings, helping them reach a creative agreement where the farming sibling was able to buy out his other siblings, keeping the farm in the family.
  • Created a complex plan that helped her client minimize estate taxes, facilitated a succession plan for the farm operation, enabled the client’s daughter with disabilities to financially benefit from the farm without losing Medicaid benefits, and ensured the farmland would not be sold to pay taxes or administrative expenses.