Family Law and Domestic Relations

Family law problems can be all-encompassing. The family law attorneys of the Davis Brown Law Firm represent clients in all aspects of family law, including premarital/antenuptial agreements, marital dissolution, post-decree modifications, child custody, adoptions and related issues.


In addition, related issues such as tax consequences, real property matters, estate planning and valuation of family businesses and professional practices are often involved. In these cases, the firm's family law attorneys will involve Davis Brown's Taxation, Estate Planning, Real Estate and Corporate departments as needed to ensure comprehensive representation of family law clients.


Family law situations are also deeply personal, requiring the attorney to take into account the client's values and goals as well as the law and the facts of the case. A careful understanding of the situation from the client's perspective is essential to representing the client's interests. Achieving this understanding requires maintenance of good communication throughout the process. Every family law situation is unique and the Davis Brown Law Firm does not have a bias in favor of trial or settlement of dissolution cases, but approaches each case with attention to the important details that make each case unique. Having taken into account all relevant factors, our goal is to arrive at the best overall result for the client.