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Kent A. Herink


Intellectual Property 
Kent is of counsel at the Davis Brown Law Firm and a member of the Intellectual Property Division.  He practices primarily in the area of intellectual property, thereby protecting the innovations of the firm's clients.


Kent has worked extensively in the biological sciences, with a particular emphasis in the corn and soybean seed industry, tracking its dramatic evolution from largely conventional cross-breeding and little or no statutory protections, through the first utility patents on plants, to present day genetic transformation techniques and the novel plants that are produced by those techniques. 


Kent's other areas of expertise include protecting inventions involving human food and animal feed products and dietary supplements. In this area, inventions focus on extracting natural materials from plants and other organisms, novel chemical synthesis methodologies resulting in compounds having human drug applications, and the bio-engineering of organisms to produce food and dietary supplement ingredients. He also has experience with inventions related to transgenic plants with improved agronomics and novel chemical compounds made from corn-derived chemical precursors.


In the area of mechanical inventions, he has extensive experience with agricultural harvesting and processing equipment, building and construction systems, and medical devices, as well as inventions in the fields of spectroscopic instrumentation, novel bio-medical compounds, and carbon tracking and sequestration.


In addition to patent application work, Kent also works to protect the trademark, copyright and other intellectual property of the firm's clients, including litigation in the federal courts on intellectual property matters.