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Employee Safety and Compliance

Employers across all industries are concerned with the safety of their employees while at work, especially those in safety-sensitive areas including manufacturing, agriculture, and technology, among others.

Davis Brown attorneys assist business owners in responding to OSHA investigations, contesting citations, abating citations, handling whistleblower investigations and, if required, wrongful termination claims. When it comes to OSHA citations, even small fines add up, we advise clients on how to take care of the issues before they develop into costly fines with a major impact on the bottom line.

Catastrophic Injury or Fatality

When serious catastrophic injuries or fatalities happen on your worksite, emotions often take over, even though OSHA might show up at your facility, you will need a cool-headed response. Davis Brown attorneys guide clients through the process in responding to catastrophic incidents swiftly internally and externally.


Even if OSHA does not come to your facility, you may receive an inquiry from OSHA asking for a detailed response which should be done in consultation with a legal expert.  When your thoughts are on your employees, we are there to provide strategic guidance.

In the event of an OSHA-reportable serious injury that could result in an inspection or inquiry, your first step should be to call your attorney. These can be difficult situations and your Davis Brown attorney will help assess the situation and provide crisis management. They will also assist with internal messaging to care for and inform your employees, call your employee assistance program, or other counselors, and advise on worksite issues.

Davis Brown attorneys work with OSHA investigators as they arrive on site, as well as insurers, including workers’ compensation, in order to mitigate liability or uncover third party liability.

Clients also rely on their Davis Brown attorneys for assistance in finding the appropriate resources to assist in remediation after the event and finding and implementing solutions before enforcement actions are placed upon the company.

Catastrophic employee injuries and fatalities are justifiably emotional for everyone involved, including the best internal OSHA department; a competent external attorney can help guide you through the process.


The attorneys of the Davis Brown Construction Law Department frequently consult with owners and contractors on OSHA regulations applicable to the construction industry. These regulations govern activities including crystalline silica dust exposure within concrete and masonry construction, the use of personal protection equipment, fall protection, electrical safety, trenching and excavation work, stairways and ladders, scaffolding, proper reporting and documentation, and handling of hazardous substances.

We advise clients on OSHA training and education, including tips on:

  • preventing exposure to OSHA citations
  • proceeding during an OSHA inspection
  • responding to OSHA issued citations, including contesting citations

In addition, we advise general contractors on ways to reduce their potential exposure to multi-employer OSHA citations in which a general contractor can be fined for OSHA violations of its subcontractors.

Education and Training

Clients rely on Davis Brown attorneys for regular updates on their industry and hot topics to stay ahead of the curve. Construction attorneys have presented multiple OSHA education training workshops in conjunction with Iowa OSHA professionals on various topics including OSHA’s crystalline silica dust rules and OSHA’s top safety hazards.