Timothy R. Coonan

Attorney Tim Coonan is the primary advocacy contact at the Davis Brown Law Firm with over 11 years of lobbying experience and over 20 years of public policy experience at state and federal levels. He has a fundamental understanding of the legislative process and a proven track record of success regardless of which political party is in control.

Tim represents trade associations, energy providers, corporations, municipalities, global financial services companies, and other organizations before government agencies, administrative entities, and the legislative and executive branches at state and federal levels.

Tim is passionate about creating legislative agendas that advance his clients’ overall strategic goals and then employs direct lobbying and grassroots strategies to achieve those goals. He actively meets with and seeks out stakeholders, potential allies, key legislators, and committees to help his clients garner support and create meaningful, productive relationships.

Representative Experience

To help his clients succeed, Tim has a non-partisan and bi-partisan approach, with regular and consistent communication, and frequent outreach to stakeholders and potential allies.


Tim has a demonstrated ability to keep his clients informed about relevant activity and opportunities at the Capitol, while ensuring policymakers and key stakeholders understand the issues important to clients. During the Iowa legislative session, Tim identifies, tracks, analyzes, and when appropriate, responds to 400-500 bills. He provides each client with a weekly, personalized update and analysis of pertinent legislation.


Over the course of the last 20 years, both at the state and federal levels, Tim has worked on behalf of his clients to achieve success in the public policy arena through both the rules and the legislative processes. Passed legislation he has worked on includes:

  • Wind tax credits for Rural Electric Cooperatives (RECs)
  • Solar policy
  • Solar tax credits for RECs
  • Railroad Rights of Way
  • Fiduciary Access to Digital Assets Act
  • Funding of STEM internship program

Regardless of party control in the chambers or the governor’s office, Tim has annually defeated multiple mandates on behalf of clients, including mandates affecting the electric utility and insurance industries. He has also been successful amending legislation on behalf of his clients, including:

  • Franchise Fee legislation
  • Creation of the Iowa Power Fund
  • State Historical Preservation Office reform
  • 2nd Amendment legislation
  • Education policy legislation
  • Probate legislation
  • Insurance regulation

Grassroots Advocacy and Coalition Building

Tim excels at engaging like-minded companies, organizations, associations, and entities to form coalitions and find common ground on important, shared issues to create one voice at the Capitol. This voice helps drive discussion and positive change for coalition members and clients.

Previously, Tim was the Director of Government Relations for the Iowa Association of Electric Cooperatives (IAEC). During that time, he:

  • Organized a statewide grassroots effort resulting in over 75,000 postcards mailed to Iowa’s U.S. Senators regarding the REC’s position on cap and trade legislation
  • Managed a broad coalition of industries, governmental entities, economic development groups, and agricultural groups regarding a negative FEMA ruling on storm recovery funding
  • Grew the IAEC political action committee (PAC) fourfold