White Collar Criminal Defense

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White collar criminal prosecutions and internal and regulatory investigations can be intimidating, overwhelming, and all encompassing. In today’s world of ever-increasing regulations for health care providers, financial services firms, import/export businesses, and other industries, investigations and prosecutions are becoming more common.


Davis Brown is available to help you through the entire process. With an array of industry specific subject matter attorney experts, we are experienced at quickly evaluating the situation, developing a plan to diligently and efficiently respond to complex investigations or charges, and argue your case at trial and through appeals, if necessary.

Investigations and Prosecutions

Davis Brown handles a variety of white collar criminal prosecutions, internal investigations, civil and regulatory government proceedings, including:

  • health care fraud
  • mail & wire fraud
  • federal program fraud
  • bank fraud
  • labor law violations
  • food safety violations
  • identity theft
  • public corruption
  •  environmental crime
  • campaign finance
  • insider trading & other securities violations
  •  arms export violations
  • bribery
  • false statements to the government
  • official misconduct
  • embezzlement
  • agricultural lending & insurance fraud
  •  tax evasion
  • money laundering
  • international trade secret theft
  •  mortgage fraud
  • immigration fraud


Government Agencies

An investigation can start at the federal or state level and can arise from a diverse assortment of government agencies, including:

  • Medicaid Fraud Control Unit
  • Internal Revenue Service
  •  Food and Drug Administration
  • Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services

  • U.S. Department of Agriculture
  • U.S. Department of Health and Human Services/Office of Inspector General (OIG)
  • Securities and Exchange Commission
  • U.S. Postal Inspection Service
  •  U.S. Department of Defense
  • U.S. Department of Labor
  • U.S. Department of Homeland Security
  •  U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) 
  • Secret Service
  • U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement
  •  Environmental Protection Agency
  • U.S. Customs Service
  • U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services
  •  Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)
  • Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation


Recent White Collar Criminal Defense Experience

Davis Brown attorneys have represented clients before federal district courts, state courts and regulatory agencies, as well as in appeals before the Iowa Supreme Court, Iowa Court of Appeals and US Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit. The department also has experience leading internal investigations on behalf of boards of directors of businesses, nonprofits and governmental entities.

Recent sample cases include:



Bribery - United States v. David Schiltz (S.D. Iowa 2016)

No prison time.

Major Government Program Fraud - United States v. Ram Hingorani (S.D. Iowa 2015)

No prison time.

Bankruptcy Fraud Investigation (N.D. Iowa 2015)

No charges filed.

Pharmacy Health Care Fraud Trial - United States v. Michael Stein (S.D. Iowa 2014)

Acquittal across the board.

Felony Criminal charge- State v. Robert Haag (Adair County 2013)

All criminal charges dismissed.

Iowa Medicaid Fraud Control Unit: Social Services Agency Investigation (2012)

Investigation closed with no action.

When to Seek Legal Counsel

If you, your client, or your company receives an official letter, notice, or subpoena from a government agency, or if government agents physically visit referencing an investigation, contact white collar legal counsel immediately.


Attorneys please note: We are available to discuss your client’s situation to determine if our assistance is warranted. Although we are a general practice firm, we respect your relationship with your client and will limit our representation to your client’s white collar criminal defense and investigation and refrain from soliciting other legal representation. All consultations are confidential.