William A. Boatwright

Bill’s practice is focused on helping charities and other tax-exempt organizations with all their legal and business needs. Over the course of his 25-year career at the firm, Bill has helped form nearly 200 non-profit organizations and secured tax-exempt status for them. His practice also involves assisting established non-profits with the full range of their various business matters.


Bill’s tax-exempt clients are located throughout Iowa and range from small start-up charities to large hospitals and university-related organizations. They include private foundations, trade associations, amateur athletic organizations, churches, consumer credit counseling organizations, publicly financed and other government-related entities, specialized health insurance trusts, and Association Health Plans.

Tax-Exempt Advocacy

Tax-exempt organizations often have complex structures that require careful analysis and planning to ensure compliance with all requirements necessary to maintain their exempt status, and to minimize their exposure to unrelated business income tax. Bill works with these organizations to learn about their activities and business plans in order to best advocate on their behalf before the IRS, the Iowa Legislature, and various governmental agencies.

Non-Profit Organization Operations

In addition to assisting new organizations with their formation, Bill also advises non-profits on a variety of operational matters, including real estate, contract preparation and review, employment matters, regulatory compliance, and representation before the Iowa courts and other governmental agencies. He regularly works with an organization’s tax accountants to ensure that its federal and Iowa compliance requirements are satisfied.

Representative Experience

  • Secured retroactive tax-exemption for a university-related organization that had previously been denied exemption by the IRS, resulting in a refund of approximately $250,000 in prior tax payments.
  • Successfully represented a national trade association in federal class action litigation resulting in a favorable damages award to the client.
  • Secured retroactive reinstatement of a charity’s 501(c)(3) status after it had been revoked by the IRS.  The IRS revocation of the entity’s status jeopardized the tax-exempt nature of some $20 million dollars in bonds issued on behalf of the organization.
  • Established and sat on the Board of Directors of a non-profit corporation formed by an NFL head coach and his family members.
  • Established and secured tax-exemption for several athletic booster clubs, including one supporting international and Olympic champion athletes.
  • Established several charitable organizations engaged in foreign grant-making and other activities.
  • Represented charitable organizations in mergers with other charities as both the acquiring and target organizations.
  • Established and secured tax-exemption for one of the first non-profit/state government collaborative organizations in the United States offering equity investments to private investors.
  • Established and secured tax-exemption for an organization offering a sports and entertainment arena complex in conjunction with a public university.