Workers' Compensation

Davis Brown workers’ compensation attorneys have over 70 years of combined experience exclusively defending workers’ compensation claims for employers, insurance carriers, third party administrators, and self-insured employers. The team defends large and small companies across several industries, including production and manufacturing, health care, banking, trucking, and construction, among others.


Understanding that each client and case has different needs, Davis Brown works to build significant and lasting relationships with our clients to make the process of handling a workers’ compensation claim as easy and efficient as possible.

The team regularly handles initial claim compensability determinations, exposure analysis, medical evidence interpretation, investigation, coverage opinions, claim administration, discovery, and settlement. Our attorneys have experience presenting cases before the Iowa Workers’ Compensation Commissioner for adjudication and representing clients through all levels of appeal. We also provide mediation services.

The first goal is to resolve a workers’ compensation claim quickly and avoid litigation. Attorneys help employers develop policies and procedures to minimize the risk of injury, claim exposure and expenses, and disruption to business.

If litigation becomes necessary, Davis Brown attorneys are ready to defend our clients’ interests and provide prompt and exceptional service. Our attorneys strive to be accessible and available to help you at any step in the process.

Complex Medical Claims

Davis Brown has vast experience handling and interpreting complex medical issues and evidence, involving neurology, orthopedics, cardiovascular, pulmonary, hearing loss, and industrial disability claims. The team interprets and assists with workers’ compensation matters in accordance with the American Medical Association guidelines for impairment restrictions, physical restrictions, and return to work issues.


Davis Brown is a full-service firm, and when workers’ compensation claims intersect with other areas of the law, attorneys are available to answer questions and navigate specific and often narrow areas of law.