Workers' Compensation Basics                2020 Webinar Series

Attorney Joni Ploeger offers webinars on the first Monday of every month January through October 2020 designed to help those handling workers' compensation claims in both HR departments as well as those working in the insurance industry.

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Iowa Workers' Compensation Overview | January 6, 2020 

During the inaugural presentation, you will receive a general overview of the workers' compensation system in Iowa.  We will go through the steps involved in navigating a workers' compensation claim from start to finish.  This includes determining compensability, directing medical care, calculating rates, paying benefits, and settling a case.  Each of these topics will be discussed in greater depth during subsequent webinars. 

Compensability and Causation | February 3, 2020 

This presentation will focus on the analysis required  to determine if a claim is compensable.  This involves analyzing the employer-employee relationship, the type of injury alleged, and whether the injury arose out of and in the course of employment. For less common injuries, such as heart attacks and mental injuries, special causation requirements will also be discussed.   

Medical Benefits and Alternate Medical Care | March 2, 2020

Receive guidance on how to address issues with directing an injured worker's medical care.  Typical issues include an injured worker's refusal of medical care and getting his/her own care.  There will be a discussion on the alternate medical care process and the impact such an award can have on the defense of a case.     

Rate Calculations | April 6, 2020

Attendees will receive in-depth instruction on how to calculate a workers' compensation rate for various types of earners.  Forms and specific examples will be given to help employers and insurance carriers accurately calculate a rate and address common issues.   

Temporary Disability Benefits | May 4, 2020

This presentation will discuss the various types of temporary disability benefits, when each type should be paid, and how each is calculated.  There will be a discussion of the commencement date for these types of benefits and how they are terminated. 

Permanent Disability Benefits | June 1, 2020  

We will highlight the different types of injuries contemplated by the Iowa Workers' Compensation Act and how they are to be compensated if there is a permanent disability.  Attendees will receive instruction on how to pay scheduled member permanency benefits and assess the amount to volunteer for industrial disability claims.     

Avoiding Penalties | August 3, 2020
Attendees will receive guidance on how to avoid situations where penalty benefits could be awarded at hearing.  Common penalty benefit situations will be discussed like the failure to investigate, underpayments of the rate, and non-payment or underpayment of weekly benefits.  The impact of an assessment of penalty benefits will also be covered.    

Settlements | September 1, 2020 

Learn about the various types of settlements available under the Iowa Workers' Compensation Act.  Tips will be given to aid employers and insurance carriers in making good decisions on what type of settlements to use in particular situations.  Examples will be shared to illustrate the impact various types of settlements will have on different types of claims. 

Pre and Post Litigation Tips | October 5, 2020 

The final webinar installment will outline the litigation process and what an employer and insurance carrier can do to help with the initial investigation to better their defense when a case becomes litigated.  The series will conclude with tips on solidifying a defense and litigation strategies.