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Margaret Van Houten Presents on Digital Assets for ALI CLE - January 2, 2014

Davis Brown attorney Margaret Van Houten recently presented Assets to Assets, Dust to Dust: What to Do with a Decedent’s Digital Identity? as part of the "Private Wealth Planning in the 21st Century" CLE produced by the American Law Institute. The presentation was held December 3, 2013 in Philadelphia, PA. Other topics covered included estate planning techniques for same-sex couples, private planning in a multi-cultural world and lessons learned from an expert regarding modern buy-sell agreements.


Interested in learning more about digital identities and managing your digital assets after death? Margaret wrote a four-part blog series on the topic that can be found on the Davis Brown Tax Law Blog.


Part 1: What our Estate Planning Clients Need To Know - What are Digital Assets?

Part 2: Do your Digital Assets have Value? Are they Important?

Part 3: How to Maintain Records for your Digital Assets

Part 4: Do My Estate Planning Documents Need to Have Special Language to Deal with My Digital Assets?