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Lori Chesser and Susan Freed Present at Iowa State Bar Association Seminar - November 30, 2017

At the event, Lori Chesser presented, “‘Hire American: Immigration Law for Employment Lawyers.” During the presentation, Lori provided guidance to the attorneys in the audience on how they can best help their clients and employees when asked questions of immigration law. The federal government plans to increase oversight of employers, including a quadrupling of workplace inspection, a plan that puts many in-house counsel and employment attorneys on notice to make sure all their employment documentation is in order.   

Susan Freed also presented at the event. Her presentation, “Affordable Care Act Developments: Impact on Employers and Employees,” was meant to help attendees make sense of the activity at the federal and state level government relating to the ACA.  With so many attempts at complete overhauls and ongoing efforts to make small edits to the ACA, employers are left with many questions of what the law’s current status, what regulatory requirements must they comply with, and what changes are on the horizon.

Other speakers included Senator Nate Bolton, the Honorable Rebecca Goodgame Ebinger of the US District Court, Southern District of Iowa, Professor Ellen Yee of Drake Law School, Jeffrey Noble of the Polk County Attorney’s Office, and Moly Weber of the Iowa Attorney General’s Office, among others.