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Davis Brown Attorneys Win Medicaid Approvals - February 19, 2018

Multiple Davis Brown attorneys have been involved with cases over the last few months challenging the denial of needed health services to Medicaid recipients.

In each case, the managed care organization (MCO) providing insurance to these individuals denied necessary care.  One case involving denial of important care caught the attention of the news media (covered by Des Moines Register, among others). The case was settled out of court last week. A second case was decided in favor of the patient, awarding the requested care, in January by an Iowa District Court Judge.

Davis Brown attorneys Sarah Crane, Sarah Franklin, and Abhay Nadipuram, with assistance from health law attorneys Lynn Boes and Craig Sieverding, fought for these individuals to maintain the level of care that helps them live independently at home.  Davis Brown attorneys frequently represent home health service providers, skilled nursing facilities, and other health care service providers. Davis Brown is proud to not only represent health care providers, but also the individuals the providers serve.