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Jo Ellen Receives Award for Best Headline of the Year at Employers Counsel Network Conference - May 23, 2018

As editor of the monthly Iowa Employment Law Letter, attorney Jo Ellen Whitney devotes significant time each month to researching and writing timely articles to assist human resources directors and others working in employment law with their day to day work. Jo Ellen’s colloquial writing style helps make the complex world of employment law easier to digest.

At the 2018 Employers Counsel Network Conference, Jo Ellen’s writing was recognized as she received an award for one of the best headlines of the year, “Trashing Customers Online: it hit the fan, and your employee threw it.”

In addition to honoring authors from around the country, the conference provides a valuable opportunity for employment attorneys to come together, learn from each other, discuss hot topics in their geographic areas, evaluate trends in employment law, and make connections. With many of her clients expanding outside of Iowa, the conference provides Jo Ellen with the valuable connections she can use to refer her clients to excellent counsel in other states.