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Welcome to the Davis Brown Employment and Labor Law Blog - June 26, 2012

As every HR manager, front line supervisor and CEO or CFO knows, employment and labor laws touch almost every component of an organization. Employees are your largest expense and your most complicated series of moving parts and many of you get questions daily ranging from, "Why do I have to cover up my tattoo?" to "How does the FMLA, ADA and workers' compensation all interact?" 


Personnel management is a complex process and continues to evolve with new regulations, statutes and case law intersecting with the jurisdiction of a wide variety of agencies. Attorneys in the Employment and Labor Law Department work with agencies ranging from the Department of Labor, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, the Iowa Civil Rights Commission, Public Employee Relations Board and the Internal Revenue Services. 


The Davis Brown Employment and Labor Law Blog will provide you with information on the intersection of law regulation, opinion, and agency jurisdiction, as well as upcoming topics and trends that will impact your personnel management.  In addition, the blog will provide notices regarding regulatory changes that might affect everything from your health insurance plan to how you calculate holiday pay. The blog will also serve as a source for the HR questions you face daily involving such topics as job service benefits, workers' compensation, leave issues and other areas of employment law.