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The Joyful Event of Pregnancy Leave & FMLA - The Three Take-Aways - August 28, 2012

This post is the fourth post in a seven-part series. Check back each week for a new topic.


In Iowa, Iowa Code 216 provides for a specific amount for pregnancy leave which is separate from the Family and Medical Leave Act. Unlike the FMLA an employee does not have to work for you for any specific period of time in order to qualify. The employee qualifies from the first minute of employment with your company. If an employee has a car accident and has already used all of their Family and Medical Leave for your FMLA year basis and then needs pregnancy leave, that employee still can obtain 8 weeks of pregnancy leave under the Iowa Civil Rights Act.

All of these issues relate to the Iowa Code:

  1. It is a state law which is separate from the Family and Medical Leave Act;
  2. It provides for up to 8 weeks of unpaid leave and it covers a wide-array of pregnancy related issues, including recovery from surgery or abortion;
  3. It does not relate to the Family and Medical Leave act in that the same benchmarks are not required.  This leave is available to any and all employees.