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Employment Law Blog: ONC Releases First Web-based Security Training Game - September 12, 2012

We consistently hear about data security from HIPAA, HITECH, CALEA and the Red Flag Rules as well as a myriad of other state and federal laws focused on information privacy. The second component of these rules is security which can be a misunderstood area of the law.  

With scalable requirements and shifting firewalls, small practices can feel overwhelmed with compliance issues.  But - and it's a big but - most issues in security aren't technical or related to complex software. They relate to human behavior. Problems tend not to be technical but gossip, curiosity, and the always popular "but I've always done it that way."  

The Office of the National Coordinator (ONC) deals with technical rules and issues relating to electronic medical records. As part of its practice outreach, the ONC has devised a game, CyberSecure:Your Medical Practice. The game is intended to help answer common information security questions. While this information is medical practice focused, the tips and suggestions apply to all industries who are seeking to protect data.


I played and got 100% - try to match that!