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Employment Law Blog: Key Takeaways - Work Safe: Preventing Injuries and Workplace Violence - May 3, 2013

As a follow up to my session “Work Safe: Preventing Injuries and Workplace Violence" at the recent Employment Law Seminar, I’ve put together what I feel to be two key takeaways from the presentation.


1) Workplace Violence:

All employers should asses the possibility of violence impacting their workplace.  Once the assessment is complete a plan should be developed for minimizing threats of violence or actual violence. The plan must include employee involvement in the plan and understanding of the plan.  All threats of violence must be taken seriously by the employer and thoroughly investigated.  Any act of violence should be responded to quickly and decisively. 


2) Workplace Safety:

Employers must strive to achieve a culture of safety in their operations.  It is essential that the culture of safety start at the top and work its way down to all employees.  Managers must encourage safe working conditions and their actions must reinforce that environment.  Employees should not be forced or permitted to work in an unsafe environment.  Employees must not be permitted to work with unsafe practices.  When an accident occurs, thoroughly investigate the accident and take steps to improve safety so the accident does not happen again.


To see the full version of this presentation as well as all other topics presented at this year’s seminar, please visit our publications and webinars page.