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Recommended COVID-19 Travel Policy - March 13, 2020

Generally speaking, for our construction, real estate, and other employer clients that are not in a sensitive industry, such as health, education, or transportation, we strongly recommend you consider immediately implementing the following policy, or a similar policy.

When implementing this policy, you will need to choose an employer-designated point person to handle inquiries.

This information is accurate as of March 13, 2020. Contact your legal counsel for further guidance on travel policies and how to handle employee leave due to COVID-19 concerns.

Sample COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Travel Policy

The following policy applies to all employees who travel outside of the state of Iowa for any period of time (collectively, “Returning Employees”), with such travel being discouraged. This policy may be revised based upon changing circumstances.

Prior to returning to work from travel outside of Iowa, Returning Employees must call the employer-designated point person (“Employer”) and obtain approval to return to work. Returning Employees may be required by the Employer to remain out of the office for fourteen (14) calendar days from the date the employee returned, including if the Returning Employee traveled to a higher exposure location, as deemed by the Employer based upon CDC and other guidance regarding the current status of COVID-19 in that location. Returning Employees should monitor their symptoms for 14 days and if they become ill and need to seek medical care, they should call ahead to their doctor’s office and inform them of their recent travel or potential exposure. If the Returning Employee tests negative, he or she may be allowed to return earlier. Returning Employees may also be required to provide medical certification that they are cleared to return to work; we will notify you of any requirements. 

Employer’s current list of higher exposure locations, which is subject to change without prior notice, that will result in the 14-day required leave are as follows:

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