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The Davis Brown Employment and Labor Law Blog provides Iowa human resources directors and employers with the latest on employment law matters, including the FMLA, ADAAA, civil rights, PTO, unemployment claims and more.  Learn more about Davis Brown's Employment Law and Labor Relations Department,

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Drugs, Lies, and Videotape: Drug Diversion, Part II - May 9, 2018

This is part two of a two-part series covering drug diversion In Iowa. Last week, we started with an overview of key questions and considerations when there is a drug diversion issue. This week, we'll cover what to consider if the drugs were stolen or adulterated. Read More »


Drugs, Lies, and Videotape: Drug Diversion - May 4, 2018

You are at your desk when you get the call from the pharmacy, maybe from where a med unit sits, or most terrifyingly, from the floor, and you're told a patient didn't get pain relief or has had a reaction to a drug which may or may not been the one prescribed. Your stomach drops and you reach for the extra-large tub of acid relievers that every compliance manager keeps on their desk. Read More »


New ERISA Regulations Effective April 1: Disability Determinations Under Employer Sponsored Benefit Plans - March 26, 2018

On April 1, 2018, employer sponsored plans subject to ERISA and providing a benefit contingent on a disability determination will need to comply with new rules finalized by the Department of Labor (DOL). The new rules were originally to take effect January 1. Read More »


Iowa Civil Rights Commission Complaint: Handling Documentation - March 5, 2018

Over the last couple weeks, we have looked at the Iowa Civil Rights Commission procedure for employers when current or former employees allege discrimination in the workplace. There are a few things important for employers to consider as they respond to an ICRC complaint: handling of documentation and your responsibilities to protect the complainant and any other employees who support the complaint. Read More »


Iowa Civil Rights Commission Complaint - Initial Determination - February 26, 2018

The point that many employers fear - receiving a complaint from the Iowa Civil Rights Commission. An employee has alleged that they have been a subject to discrimination in your workplace. Last week, we covered the initial complaint. This week, we are looking at the outcome of that initial action, the Initial Determination. Read More »


Time's Up For Tax Breaks On Secret Settlements - February 21, 2018

Public attention around the #TimesUp movement has propelled new tax legislation - Section 13307 in the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act passed by Congress earlier this year. This new law is designed to eliminate tax benefits for secret settlements. Read More »


What's Really Going on When You Receive an Iowa Civil Rights Commission Complaint? - February 16, 2018

When an employer receives an official notice from the Iowa Civil Rights Commission or any other agency, it can cause a slight elevation of blood pressure and potentially a drop in your stomach as you open the envelope to see pages and pages of documentation. Read More »


Update on Employer Wellness Incentives - January 8, 2018

Employers sponsoring wellness plans may see changes to the regulations authorizing these programs over the next year in light of a recent federal district court decision. Read More »


National Labor Relations Board Reverses Two Obama-Era Decisions - December 15, 2017

On Thursday, December 14, the National Labor Relations Board overturned two Obama-era decisions favoring employee and union rights over reasonable business decisions. Read More »


Employee Management Lessons From The Runway - October 20, 2017

Who knew you could pick up employee management lessons from the TV show Project Runway? Read More »


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