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The Davis Brown Employment and Labor Law Blog provides Iowa human resources directors and employers with the latest on employment law matters, including the FMLA, ADAAA, civil rights, PTO, unemployment claims and more.  Learn more about Davis Brown's Employment Law and Labor Relations Department,

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HR Quick Takes: Pre-Employment Physical - December 4, 2019

Q: What can I ask about in a pre-employment physical? Read More »


HR Quick Takes: Employee Vaccination Inquiry - November 27, 2019

Q: In a world where you can get measles at Disney World, can I ask my employees if they have been vaccinated? Read More »


HR Quick Takes: Employee Vaccination Requirement - November 21, 2019

Q: Can I require that my employee get vaccinated? Read More »


Waterloo Bans the Box - and a Bit More - November 18, 2019

Waterloo has enacted Iowa's first "Ban the Box" regulation and has also enacted rules as to how criminal records may be used even after the application process. Read More »


HR Quick Takes: Absenteeism - November 13, 2019

Q: We have a lot of shift work in a 24/7 industry, and we really struggle with absenteeism. Can I fine employees for failure to show up or to get their own replacement? Read More »


HR Quick Takes: Garnishments and Severance Payments - November 7, 2019

Q: We recently terminated an employee and are paying severance for several weeks; however, the employee has a garnishment. Does it come out of the severance payments? Read More »


Growing Beyond 49 Employees - Compliance with Employment Laws - November 5, 2019

When a company grows beyond 49 employees, there are a number of legal and operational changes to consider. Read More »


HR Quick Takes: Employee Personal Files - October 31, 2019

Q: I fired an employee last week and now they have shown back up and want a copy of their personnel file. Do I have to give it to them? Read More »


HR Quick Takes: W4 Changes - October 23, 2019

Q: When an employee wants to change their tax information, for example move from 2 to 1 exemption or single to married, can they make that change to their W4 filing on our employee self-service system? Read More »


Ban the Box - October 23, 2019

Ban the Box comes to Iowa - impact on healthcare providers Read More »


Showing 1 - 10 of 160