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Iowa Statehouse Report - Week 13 - April 6, 2018

This week, work continued behind the scenes on budget and tax plans as the Senate and House continue crafting the 2019 budget and try to adjourn by April 17, the 100th day of session. One of the factors now being considered are the tariffs China placed on agriculture exports and the impact on the Iowa agriculture economy. The agriculture sector accounts for a large part of state revenue so policymakers are trying to anticipate any future shortfalls.

Legislation to the Governor

A couple of key pieces of legislation passed the General Assembly and made it to the Governor’s desk this week.

  • HF 2458 Future Ready Iowa-Governor Reynold signed this into law this week.  The goal of the bill is to modernize and right-size the Iowa work force for high-demand jobs after high school. This was one of Governor Reynolds’ top legislative priorities and a centerpiece of her economic development policy.
  • SF 481 Immigration Laws-This bill passed along mostly partisan lines in both chambers and was sent to the Governor for her signature. This bill requires cities and counties to enforce existing immigration laws or be subject to having state funding denied.

Budget Work Next Week

Next week, budget subcommittees will begin to meet to discuss any policy language contained in their budgets. Without budget targets however, these subcommittees will not able to work on the 2019 budget numbers.

Tax Reform

Also next week, a public hearing has been scheduled on HSB 671 which is the Governor’s tax reform package and the bill the House has been working from. This will be the first opportunity since the February subcommittee for a discussion about the direction the House is going and will possibly provide insight into progress made on a final agreement on tax reform this year between the House, the Senate, and the Governor’s office.

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