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2019 Legislative Report - Week Fourteen - April 19, 2019

At the close of Week 14, with 2 weeks left until the scheduled adjournment date of May 3rd, both House and Senate Majority Leadership teams are signaling that the session is nearly complete. There is a sense that the leaders will attempt to finish up next week. That is hard to forecast given the amount of policy bills that are pending but there are two concrete signs are pointing to an early or on time conclusion.

Budget Bills

First, all budget bills (except Standings (SSB 1262) and Health and Human Services (HF 766)) have passed out of one chamber and passed out of the full Appropriations Committee in the other chamber with one and Transportation (SF 600) has already been sent to the Governor.  Health and Human Services is awaiting action by the Senate Appropriations Committee and is on the agenda for Monday, April 22.

Standings Bill

Second, the Standings bill has been introduced. The Standings bill is almost always the last bill to pass out of a General Assembly because it includes standing appropriations for all of government and is also used as a vehicle for many policy pieces that didn’t make it through the legislative process.

Major Policy Pieces Left to Consider

There are many policy bills eligible for debate on either the Senate Calendar or the House Calendar. Many of these bills will not be acted upon this year but will be eligible for floor debate next year. Below is a list of policy bills we will likely see debated before the close of the session:

Property tax reform

SF 634 passed Senate Ways and Means this week and HF 773 is on the floor calendar for next Monday. These bills have significant differences but property tax reform is something the House and Senate Republicans have made a priority all session so a compromise is possible.

Flood Recovery Funding

Governor Reynolds signed Executive Order #4 which creates a Flood Recovery Advisory Board and includes a proposal for $15 million funding this year and another $10 million next year for flood mitigation and workforce housing tax credits in flood affected areas. $15 million has been included in the Standings Bill (SSB 1262) for the flood mitigation fund.

Sports Wagering at Casinos

SF 617 passed the Senate on a 31-18 vote with 19 Republicans and 12 Democrats voting for the bill. The House version (HF 748) is on the House debate calendar for Monday, April 22 and will need Democrat votes to pass as it did in the Senate.

Regulation of Growing and Selling Hemp

SF 599 passed the Senate 49-1. The House Version (HF 781) passed the House full Appropriations Committee this week but is not on Monday’s (4/22) debate calendar.

Other bills/priorities requiring action:

Judicial Nominating Commission

SF 237 passed the Senate on 3/12 by a vote of 32-17. The House version (HF 503) was placed on the House Unfinished Business Calendar.


SF 583 passed the Senate on 3/18 by a vote of 28-19. The House version (SF 669) was placed on the House Unfinished Business Calendar.

Congressman Dave Loebsack announces his retirement at the end of his term in 2020

This week, Iowa’s Second Congressional District Representative Dave Loebsack announced that after seven terms in the U.S. House, he will retire when his term expires in 2020.

A number of names have already been mentioned as possible Republican and Democratic candidates but his retirement also means that Iowa will likely have competitive races in all four Congressional districts in 2020 which is also a Presidential election year.

Bills Sent to Governor Reynolds

As the end of session draws near, we are also tracking which bills have passed both Chambers and have been sent to Governor Reynolds to sign. 

Bills to Governor Signed Effective 
HF260 Interest Charges 4/15/2019 7/1/2019
HF264 Domestic Stock Insurers 4/9/2019 7/1/2019
HF266 Civil Commitment of Sexually Violent Predators 4/8/2019 7/1/2019
HF288 Military + Veteran Benefits 3/22/2019 7/1/2019
HF306 State School Aid (SSA) 2/19/2019 2/19/2019
HF307 Transportation/Per Pupil Equity 2/19/2019 2/19/2019
HF327 Franchisor-Franchisee Relationship 4/9/2019 7/1/2019
HF390 Aircraft Registration Requirements 4/15/2019 7/1/2019
HF391 Travel Trailer Dealer Bonds    
HF392 Public Bids    
HF418 CDL Federal Training    
HF482 DOT Officer Powers 3/21/2019 3/21/2019
HF487 Single Point-of-Contact Towers 3/25/2019 3/25/2019
HF 591 Iowa Minor Guardianships    
HF 610 Guardianships    
HF623 Prior Authorizations     
HF650 Negligent Hiring 4/17/2019 7/1/2019
HF668 Wine/Beer/Liquor License 3/21/2019 7/1/2019
HF 679 Code Editor Substantive    
HF698 Management of Pioneer Cemeteries 4/15/2019 7/1/2019
SF112 Certificate of Trust 4/9/2019 7/1/2019
SF113 OWI Habitual Offenders 3/21/2019 3/21/2019
SF140 Special Minor's Driver's Licenses  4/15/12019 7/1/2019
SF 158 Post Conviction Relief    
SF159 Assessment Scores for Initial Teacher Licensure 4/16/2019 7/1/2019
SF170 Ag Extension Council    
SF208 Allowable Length for Stinger-Steered Automobiles 4/15/2019 7/1/2019
SF210 Designation of Lay Caregiver 4/9/2019 7/1/2019
SF220 Section 179 Expensing 3/15/2019 3/15/2019
SF245 Skilled Workforce Shortage Tuition Grant Program 4/16/2019 7/1/2019
SF246 All Iowa Opportunity Scholarship Program    
SF 265 Oyster Mushroom Sales    
SF274 Free Speech on Campus 3/27/2019 3/27/2019
SF304 License Sanctions for Deliquent Student Loan Debt 4/8/2019 7/1/2019
SF 323 Canned Cocktails    
SF283 Contract Thresholds    
SF 303 21 Year Old License Renewal    
SF 333 Code Editor Non Substantive 4/15/2019 7/1/2019
SF 319 Police Officer Driving Instruction    
SF341 Service Animals     
SF 364 24/7 Sobriety Program    
SF367 Eliminating Councils 3/21/2019 3/21/2019
SF 379 Out of State Bar Admissions    
SF402 Good Faith Credit Union Submissions    
SF403 Credit Union Subpoena Power    
SF412 Post-Loss Assignments    
SF 435 Towable RV Dealers    
SF 475 Notary Act    
SF 505 Landscape Architecture Board    
SF 506 Credit Union Mergers    
SF507 Injuries From Falls    
SF519 Ag Facility Trespass  3/14/2019 3/14/2019
SF528 Storage Space    
SF 531 Pediatric Heart Surgery Data    
SF 532 Curing Construction Defects 4/15/2019 4/15/2019
SF534 Use of Gasification and Pyrolysis for Conversion of Waste Materials 4/8/2019 7/1/2019
SF555 Weight Limits for Husbandry 4/8/2019 7/1/2019
SF556 Life + Health Insurance Guaranty Association 3/29/2019 3/29/2019
SF558 Requirement for Domestic Surplus Lines Insurers 4/9/2019 7/1/2019
SF559 E-Insurance Notices for Portable Electronics 4/8/2019 7/1/2019
SF 569 Uniform LLC 4/15/2019 7/1/2019
SF 590 Private Attorneys    
SF600 Transportation Appropriation     
SJR17 Sale of Merchandise at ABATE 4/8/2019 7/1/2019

Bills to Secretary of State     
 SJR18 2nd Amendment Const Amendment + Strict Scrutiny Review

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