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Iowa Immigration Law Blog: Internal ICE Documents Show Deportation Quotas - February 16, 2013

Documents produced by Immigration Customs & Enforcement (ICE) obtained by ACLU of North Carolina prove what has long been claimed: ICE has deportation quotas and, when not meeting them, has been directed to channel all available resources to do so. 

Why is this a concern?  

First, in a world where an estimated 11 million people could potentially be deported, ICE must use its resources wisely.  Priority should be given to deporting people who are  threat to others:  human traffickers, drug traffickers, violent criminals.  Directing all available resources to troll driver’s license records, set up road check points and similar scattershot methods to meet a quota does not lend itself to catching the people we really want caught. 

Second, the “criminal aliens” that they are targeting are not necessarily the “criminals” that should have priority.  The definition of “criminal alien” is broad and encompasses behavior that most people would not prioritize.  Again, meeting a quota prevents resources from being put to the best use.