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Iowa Immigration Law Blog: August Recess - Contact Your Member of Congress! - August 1, 2013

Congress takes a holiday in August. But the members do not go fishing – at least not the whole month! They are conducting town hall meetings, in-person visits with constituents, and in all ways reconnecting with their Districts.

Yes, that means you. It also means that this is a great opportunity to let them know that the time is now to change the immigration law to benefit your company, your neighbors, your city, our country.

The basic message that particularly House members need to hear: We need immigration reform that contains a roadmap to citizenship. Without this push, the law is unlikely to change in any aspect.

But members also want to hear your particular immigration story: How someone from another country helped your business remain competitive; how hard it was to immigrate, how you would like to help a deserving person gain legal status but can’t because of the laws on the books.

Click here for resources for contacting your member of Congress courtesy of the American Immigration Lawyers Association.

If you make a contact, let us know how it goes!