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Iowa Immigration Law Blog: Visa Bulletin for November - Good News Again - October 14, 2013

The immigrant visa numbers are out for November and fortunately no “retrogression” in the major categories will be seen.  (“Retrogression” is when the waiting line moves backward – not a good thing.) Instead many categories moved forward and some held steady.

The most-watched categories in the employment visas are the EB3 and the EB2 for India and China.  

For EB3, most countries moved ahead three months from July 01, 2010, to October 01, 2010.  For India, EB3 stayed the same at September 22, 2003.  Philippines also stayed the same at December 15, 2006.

EB2 for India also stayed the same at June 15, 2008.  EB2 for China advance to October 8, 2008, from September 15, 2008.

In the family context, the most-watched category is the F2A, spouses and minor children of permanent residents.  This category remained the same at September 8, 2013, across all countries.  

The F2A waiting line being so short is a great development, but also confusing to everyone, including the USCIS.  Many permanent resident applicants that applied for their spouses or children when the line jumped ahead are receiving requests for evidence asking for proof that they are U.S. citizens.  We hope they will have to get used to the line being so “current”.

Remember that the November bulletin is not effective until November 1 and filing early will lead to a rejection if the place in line has not been reached in October.