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Iowa Immigration Law Blog: Visa Bulletin for December: Mostly Good News, But One Dark Spot - November 13, 2013

The December Visa Bulletin (the infamous “waiting line”) shows forward movement or at least no backward movement for all family-based categories. The continued short waiting line for spouses and minor children for permanent residents (F2A) is especially good news. This category holds steady at September 8, 2013.

For employment-based categories, most EB3 waiting lines jumped ahead one year. India EB3 moves ahead only 3 weeks.

The EB2 category is less rosy, however. China EB2 moved ahead one month. But India “retrogressed” (moves backward) by almost 4 years (from June 15, 2008, to November 15, 2004). Anyone with a date that is current in November but will not be in December should be sure to file the I-485 so that it arrives by November 30. If it arrives December 1, it will be rejected. Those with adjustment of status cases pending will wait in that interim status until the date moves forward again.