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Premium Processing for H-1Bs Resumes - October 5, 2017

Premium processing (expedited review by the government) has resumed as of October 3, 2017, for all H-1B petitions. If you are interested in using premium processing for a new or pending H-1B petition, please let us know. The cost (fee to the government) is $1,225.

Premium processing “buys” review in 15 calendar days. That review could result in an approval, or a request for evidence. If a request for evidence (RFE) is received, the decision is to be processed in 15 calendar days after we respond to the RFE.

While unusual, it is possible to receive more than one RFE on a petition. In that event, the government would have 15 calendar days after the response to issue a second RFE under premium processing.

The other benefit of premium processing is that we can directly contact the government regarding questions or processing problems via phone or email before or after a decision is reached.

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