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New I-9 Form Implementation Delayed & H-1B Misinformation - February 3, 2009

The Immigration Service delayed the effective date of the new I-9 form that was to go into effect Feb. 2 for 60 days (until April 3, 2009). They are taking comments on the new form until March 4, 2009.


Just as background, the I-9 form is to be completed for all new hires within 3 days of hire to document that the person is authorized to work in the United States.


Additionally, if a person's work authorization expires, the I-9 must be updated or a new one completed to show that work authorization was extended.


The changes to the I-9 form were meant to conform to recent law changes and to make the list of acceptable documents smaller to prevent confusion for employers and to limit fraud.


Employers may continue to use the current version of the form, which is available (free of charge) at


Stand Up for H-1Bs!


Those of you in Des Moines may have seen the front page AP story today decrying H-1B use by some of the banks given TARP money (and it may have run in other parts of the country as well).


While there can be misuse of any system, most people do not understand the H-1B program.  Sen. Grassley is calling for more regulation of H-1Bs (including prior recruitment, which we know will be expensive and time-consuming).


Those of you who have used the H-1B program and know that it is regulated enough and that it helps our economy by keeping jobs in the U.S. and keeping U.S. businesses competitive need to stand up and be counted.


Consider writing a letter to the Editor - or even better to Senator Grassley - about your experience with the program. We need MORE H-1Bs, not more regulation.