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Bill Hanigan Presents Oral Arguments Before the Iowa Supreme Court - September 17, 2018

On September 12, Bill Hanigan, presented his oral arguments before the Iowa Supreme Court in the case Puntenney, et. al. v. Iowa Utilities Board., et. al.

Bill and Jason Lawrence represent Iowa landowners whose land was forcibly taken via eminent domain by Dakota Access in order to lay a pipeline to transport crude oil across the state.

Over the last three years, the landowners have asked the Iowa Utilities Board and the Polk County District Court to revoke Dakota Access’ use of eminent domain and order the company to remove the pipeline from their properties. The arguments Wednesday are their appeal to the Iowa Supreme Court to decide in their favor.

The oral arguments can be viewed on YouTube or in the video below.

Following the oral arguments, the court will take some time to make its decision.

Various news media covered the oral arguments including WHO-TV, Des Moines Register, Iowa Public RadioKCAU (Sioux City), and Waterloo-Cedar Falls Courier.

The briefs filed in the case are linked below.


20170424 Appellants' Resistance to Motion to Dismiss (Davis Brown).pdf
20170424 Appellants' Resistance to Motion to Dismiss (W Taylor).pdf

20171105 Final Brief of Appellants (W Taylor).pdf

20171105 Final Reply Brief of Appellants (W Taylor).pdf

20171110 Final Brief of Appellants (Davis Brown).pdf

20171110 Final Reply Brief of Appellants (Davis Brown).pdf


20170410 Appellee's Motion to Dismiss - Dakota Access, LLC.PDF
20170424 Appellee's Resistance to Motion to Dismiss - Office of Consumer Advocate.pdf

20171107 Final Brief of Appellee - Office of Consumer Advocate.pdf

20171108 Final Brief of Appellee - Iowa Utilities Board.pdf

20171109 Final Brief of Appellee - Main Coalition.pdf

20171113 Final Brief of Appellee - Dakota Access, LLC.PDF

Amicus Curiae

20171113 Final Brief of Amicus Curiae - Niskanen Center.pdf