Attorneys Leading the Way

Elizabeth Van Arkel Leads Davis Brown at Passport to Prosperity Week - October 16, 2020

In late September, the Iowa International Center celebrated the contributions of immigrants to Iowa in Passport to Prosperity Week. Traditionally a gala event recognizing five honorees, the pandemic offered the opportunity to transition the event to a series of virtual and socially distanced events.  

A member of the Iowa International Center Board of Directors, immigration attorney Elizabeth Van Arkel led Davis Brown’s involvement in the celebrations. Liz shared her professional experience on the webinar, “The Multiplier Effect,” highlighting the impact of one immigrant on the community as a whole. 

Davis Brown employees also participated in the trivia event, earning a 2nd place spot after identifying flags, food, languages, and other facts of the countries of the honorees. 

In addition to recognizing the immigrants and refugees, the week’s events also raised funds for Iowa International Center programs - interpretation and translation services, hosting U.S. Department of State Visitors, Dialogue Series, English as a Second Language classes, and other resources for refugees and immigrants.  

About the Iowa International Center

The focus of the Iowa International Center is to provide access to important educational and cultural resources to Iowans, new Iowans, and international visitors in Iowa.  The overarching impact of our work provides economic and cultural leadership resulting in Iowa being a more inclusive and welcoming place to live, work and raise a family.