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Jo Ellen Whitney Guest on HR Works Podcast - December 30, 2020

In November, employment attorney Jo Ellen Whitney was a guest on the HR Works podcast. Jo Ellen, with Charlie Plumb, Oklahoma attorney at McAffee & Taft, discussed how employment law may change under the Biden Administration.

Jo Ellen pointed out that it’s likely one of Biden’s first acts as President will be to rescind the Trump Administration’s September 22 Executive Order that has been interpreted by many to prohibit anti-discrimination and bias training by any federal contractor.

Jo Ellen and Charlie also discussed how, even under a divided government (if Republicans hold the Senate), the Biden administration can affect change quickly using executive orders and guidance, in addition to the regulatory changes that take some time.

Other topics covered in the conversation were anticipated changes in the NLRB, EEOC, increasing audits, Title XII protections, the definition of independent contractors, minimum wage, and exemption rules, among others.

Listen to the podcast in the player below or on the HR Daily Advisor website.