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Michele Brott Quoted in "Politics in the Workplace" Article - October 20, 2020

Employment attorney Michele Brott provided expertise to CityView in a recent article “Politics in the workplace.” The article addresses the tension that arises in the workplace on the cusp of the presidential election. 

Providing the legal point of view, Michele describes how the “rules” of political speech do not apply the same to every employer and how quickly political discussion can cross into off-limits areas. 

Michele distinguishes off-the-clock conduct or behavior which may fall under employer guidelines and how important it is for employers to ensure employees know the rules and policies they must abide. 

“It’s not practical to restrain employee dialogue all of the time,” Michele said. “If it becomes offensive or it disrupts work, not because one disagrees, but because the debating prevents work from being done or employees can’t think because others are talking, then employers need to respond so they can keep the workplace appropriate.” 

Employers with questions on policies or employee relations should contact their experienced employment counsel with questions.