Davis Brown Blogs

Davis Brown Construction Law Blog

The Davis Brown Construction Law Blog provides Iowa contractors, subcontractors, suppliers, design professionals and others in the construction industry with news on legal changes impacting their work.

Davis Brown Employment and Labor Law Blog

The Davis Brown Employment and Labor Law Blog provides Iowa human resources directors and employers with the latest on employment law matters, including the FMLA, ADAAA, civil rights, PTO, unemployment claims and more.

 Davis Brown Government Relations Report

The Davis Brown Government Relations Report provides updates on Iowa's legislative news.

 Davis Brown Health Law Blog 

This blog is dedicated to the legal and business issues facing health care providers. Topics include regulatory developments, employment law updates, and compliance trends of importance to a wide variety of providers, including hospitals, physician practices, surgery centers, long-term care facilities and rural providers.

Davis Brown Health Care Reform Blog

This blog provide clients with the most up-to-date information about Health Care Reform-including updates on the federal government's implementation of the Affordable Care Act, new regulations, recently issued guidance and enforcement updates. The blog will also comment on any issues specific to the State of Iowa.

Davis Brown Tax Law Blog

The Tax Law Blog is intended to provide clients with updates and analysis of tax law - including asset and stock purchase/sale transactions, public and private bond financing, tax credit financing and international tax law.

Davis Brown Immigration Law Blog

The Iowa Immigration Law Blog provides updates and analysis of federal immigration law for individuals and companies.

Davis Brown Intellectual Property Law Blog

The Davis Brown Intellectual Property Law Blog provides updates, analysis, and insight into Intellectual Property topics including trademarks, patents, and much more. 

Start-Up Launchpad Blog

The Start-Up Launchpad Blog provides information about legal topics that are relevant for founders, start-ups and emerging companies. The blog also identifies things business owners should and should not do as they relate to various legal issues.


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