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The Davis Brown Employment and Labor Law Blog provides Iowa human resources directors and employers with the latest on employment law matters, including the FMLA, ADAAA, civil rights, PTO, unemployment claims and more.  Learn more about Davis Brown's Employment Law and Labor Relations Department, www.davisbrownlaw.com/IowaEmploymentLaw.

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Not Normal Yet - COVID Spring Break 2021 - March 3, 2021

Spring break is quickly approaching, and employers have questions about CDC rules and travel policies. Read More »

Discrimination Concerns in Skipping Notice Period - March 1, 2021

HR managers are concerned whether waiving a notice period could be considered discriminatory. Read More »

Don’t Let the Door Hit You on the Blank on the Way Out: Skipping the Notice Period - February 25, 2021

There are many issues at play when HR considers skipping the notice period including PTO, morale, and discrimination. Read More »

HR Quick Take: Religious Decorations in the Workplace - February 24, 2021

Two of my employees are in conflict over one’s display of a star of David in her workspace. Read More »

New Forms Required for Iowa Workforce Development - February 22, 2021

Iowa Workforce Development requires all employers to provide notice of benefits available to former employees who were terminated due to COVID-19 or those on furlough. Read More »

Coronavirus Protections Enacted by Two Executive Orders - February 18, 2021

Employers should watch for continuing changes in federal mandates for worker health and safety. Read More »

HR Quick Take: Language Fluency as a Job Requirement - February 17, 2021

Q: We want to diversify our workforce. Can we list Spanish language fluency as a job requirement in the posting to attract Latinx applicants? The job itself has no use for the skill. Read More »

HR Quick Take: Severance Agreements - February 10, 2021

Q: Our severance agreement states that employees waive all rights to future claims. A former employee who signed the agreement has now filed a sex discrimination claim with the ICRC. Can we enforce the severance agreement? Read More »

HR Quick Take: Reduced Hour Pay - February 3, 2021

Q: An employee wants to go to a reduced schedule of 32-hours a week. The position is exempt, 40 hours. Can we simply reduce her pay by the same percentage of reduced hours? Read More »

HR Quick Take: FMLA Medical Certification - January 27, 2021

Q: An employee on FMLA leave has simply not returned her medical certification. What next? Read More »

Showing 1 - 10 of 267