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HR Quick Take: Remote Work in Other States - September 16, 2020

Jo Ellen Whitney

Q: During “normal” times, my workforce is located in Iowa and for the most part, works from our office. We do not have office locations in other states or countries. Now, most of my workforce is working remotely. A few employees are working from other states to be closer to family, does that mean I now have to adhere to those states’ rules on reimbursable telework costs?


A: Yes. In general, the regulations or statutes that apply to the state the employee is based in will apply to that employee. This would be true for telework rules, accumulation and payment of paid time off, and break times, among many other items.  It also affects IRS issues and job service benefits.


We reviewed telework expense reimbursement issues and matters employers should consider in establishing a remote work policy in previous posts.

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