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Returning to Work in a Pandemic 

COVID-19 changed everything. Employers quickly adjusted to unprecedented circumstances. Mass closures meant employees were suddenly working remotely, some laid off, and others quitting from fear or the need to care of family - including children when schools dismissed. 

The changes continue. Now it's time to plan how to return to work with the threat of the virus. Employers are in a tough position as they try to return to any semblance of normal: balancing the practical considerations of keeping their workforce and workplace safe and the legal implications of how they do that. 

Return to Work Package 

The Return to Work Package was created by Davis Brown employment attorneys to help employers start the return-to-work conversation and provide a framework of considerations. For $1,200, employers can purchase the package that includes over a dozen customizable documents and: 

  • Advice - a 30-minute consultation with an employment attorney 
  • Tools - health screening questionnaire, temperature check log, self-certification form, customer certification form
  • Policies - Telework, Unsafe Working Conditions, Communicable Disease, Social Media, Families First Coronavirus Response Act leave for E-Paid Sick Leave and E-FMLEA
  • Legal considerations - collective bargaining agreements, layoffs, E-FMLEA, temperature checks, OSHA, Paycheck Protection Program, and more 
  • Practical considerations - PPE, social distancing, physical controls in the workplace, communication with employees, and more 

Preview the Package 

For $1,200 you can purchase legal advice with an employment attorney, five sample policies, multiple tools and forms, and guidance on everything from temperature checks to OSHA compliance to social distancing in the workplace. 

Preview the Return to Work Package

Purchase the Package

Complete the form below to start the purchasing process for the Return to Work Package. After you complete the form, please allow for up to two business days for processing. 

Purchase the Return to Work Package - $1,200

The Big Picture

For the last two months, there's been a lot to figure out in a short amount of time. This is a comprehensive guide to give employers a framework to help navigate the changing landscape. The Davis Brown employment team can see the big picture and understands the complicated connections between the required legal considerations and practical needs of your business.

Due to limitations and the nature of this packet, please understand that the printed materials presented are not intended to be a definitive analysis of the subjects discussed.

Users are cautioned that situations involving employment law questions are unique to each individual circumstance, and the facts of each situation will dictate a different set of considerations and varying results. Generally, Iowa and federal law are considered. Employers with employees in different states must consult the laws in those states.

Material contained in the packet or listed as a reference is a general review of the issues and must not be considered as a substitute for advice from your own attorney on your own independent situations.

This packet is intended as informational only and does not create an attorney-client relationship.

Further, based on the ever-changing nature of the coronavirus/COVID-19, government orders, and legislation, this information is current as of May 2020 but is subject to change as the situation changes. We will endeavor to keep purchasers of this packet updated with information as it is available.